The One Nature of the Incarnate Logos

It is One Nature (one entity) but has all the properties of two natures1 And there was no separation between the two Natures at Christ’s death. ”On the third day His soul, united with His body which was also united with His Godhead; thus resurrection took place”.2 When Christ left His tomb, and when He walked through closed doors (John. 20:19) was it the divine or the human nature?, or was it Christ the Incarnate Logos?3

There was never any separation of the natures at Christ’s death, and here Pope Shenouda is in full agreement with Chalcedonian Christology. St John of Damascus says, ”...the person of Christ was always one, since, even though the soul was separated from the body in place, it still was hypostatically united to it through the Word”.4 Regarding when Christ walked through the closed doors and appeared in the midst of His disciples - closed doors obviously present no hindrance to Him Who let Himself be born from a Virgin!

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