The Church and Cultural Globalization in the Third Millennium - PDF

This talk aims to address globalization in the third millennium in its development, trends, and contemporary social problems, and to highlight its pluralism and its impact on the members of the Church in general and on the members of the Orthodox Church in particular. Man, that social being, interacts, whether he likes it or not, with the civilization and culture of the world of the third millennium, in an interaction that affects his way of life and behavior. In fact, modern man remains dependent on his surroundings and greatly influenced by them, even if he seeks to change his face. In this third millennium of his life, man is not understood as an isolated individual, but rather as a member of a broad, globalized group, influenced by and influenced by his thoughts, deeds, and actions. The information he receives from different sectors, such as satellite channels, radio, television, modern media, the Internet, and all modern technological means, plays a role in shaping his personality and thinking, and characterizes his society with many prominent characteristics.


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