An Orthodox position on Jehovah's Witnesses

The following news was mentioned in my parish bulletin, “Sunday, June 11, 2000, Issue 24”:

[“Our Position on Jehovah’s Witnesses” is a small book that collects articles published in my parish in 1992 about Jehovah’s Witnesses. The purpose of collecting it is to make information about Jehovah’s Witnesses, positions on them, and advice for rejecting them available to believers. It is requested from the Archbishopric House and from the Church of Our Lady of the Fountain. The price of the copy is 1500 LBP.

The network had done the same thing and had not noticed this news. We had named the booklet that we had compiled and edited “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Enemies of God,” relying on the title of the first article, “Enemies of God.” Now, we have put a name similar to the one chosen by “My Parish Bulletin,” being careful about the similarity with the titles of other books on the Internet, so we called it “An Orthodox Position on Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Also, the booklet that we put together contains more than those articles that were published in the aforementioned year, as is clear from the bottom of each article.

We have appended each article with its original reference, so that you can return to it and review it. This is because we made some necessary modifications in the order of some phrases, deleted others, and added some words in order to connect what came before them with what comes after them. We also adopted a special arrangement for the articles, which are not necessarily compatible with the printed booklet, just as they are not compatible with the publication date of the Raiyati newsletter. We have also added an article to it that appeared in the book “You Asked Me and I Answered You,” so that it will be comprehensive and general.

We would like to say that many times the article mentions matters that need clarification, but the writer does not do this because it is not the topic he is discussing, and because the presentation is based on the form of a bulletin and not a complete book that addresses matters that are not at the heart of the topic, and the writer may have realized this. In the printed book, we have no knowledge as we have not seen it yet. For these topics, which are many, you can return to the network’s content, as it explains them in detail... (The Network)

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