The secret of marriage

For “Ecclesiastical Secrets” a poor section is held on the site. To compensate for this matter in the theological explanation and the Orthodox concept of the church sacraments, please review the section on heresies and heresies, and in the responses to heresies, which the church fights by trying to detract from the value of the sacraments as channels that transmit uncreated divine grace and as a life of communion in Christ. There are sufficient theological explanations about the faith of the Orthodox Church. And its practice of the church sacraments... (especially the sacrament of baptism, the priesthood, and the Eucharist). Therefore, please go to this section to expand more on the church sacraments.
You will also find in the library several books about secrets that were added after the creation of this section.
It should also be noted that reading is necessary Introduction to secrets By His Eminence Bishop Callistos (Ware) mentioned in his book “The Orthodox Church: Faith and Doctrine”.
The most important thing for the “Sacrament of Baptism” section is to review the book: “By Water and the Spirit - A Liturgical Study of Baptism”

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