The Epistles of Clement of Rome and the letters attributed to him

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We previously talked about Saint Clement of Rome and his writings in our book:

Introduction to petrology

1. The beginning of patristic Christian literature

Apostolic Fathers

For this reason, I deleted from this edition our discussion of the Apostolic Fathers, as well as the biography of Saint Clement, his writings, and the works attributed to him, and we contented ourselves with repeating the sections of the first letter so that the text could be followed.

Father Tadros Yacoub Malti

[/div3] This book is translated by the Coptic Church: This means that we do not agree with everything that was stated in the comments of the translator or preparer, and sometimes we disagree with it. Please alert us if there is something like this or something that is not understood... To read the text in English, please click here

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