Tourists between earth and sky

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Many people imagine a person as a tourist wandering behind his needs, whether spiritual or material. Man is a searching or wandering being! This is what the prophet Daniel expressed, saying that man is “a man of desires.” In the heart of this being there are always longings that lead him to pursue what he loves.

But many cannot imagine God as a tourist. Because God, according to philosophy and religions in general, is the “fixed” and unchanging being, and because love means striving for something that is lacking. God forbid that he should lack anything! This is why God cannot have love and passion within Him (if these human expressions are permissible to use). God is good in His nature, and this means that His nature is loving – good!

But Christianity is a religion of love and freedom. Love of God and human freedom. Both words (love, freedom) mean that God is moving and not static, and that He seeks us as if we seek Him. He follows our free steps. This tracking does not write destiny, but rather wanders behind the beloved person in the latter’s lost footsteps many times and purposeful other times. God’s love is a passion for man, so it is a gentle “pursuit”! God is also a tourist.
God always turns to us and seeks, and when we turn to Him and meet Him, we live our lives in our dignity, and then “the Church” is achieved!

There, in the church, the two tourists meet in love, and God gives grace and man offers purity.

This is the journey between heaven and earth, in both directions.


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